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15: The Future Is Code

Ross is finally back (if only for an episode) and brings with him a topic he has been focusing on a lot lately. Will shares his lessons and experience with keeping code from past projects for future use.

Learning to 'code' is the on the top of many career lists. We talk about where coding is going, how and why to start building a code portfolio and the benefits of holding on to everything you've created in the past.

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14: IOT Temperature Control Project

Will shares his experience with building IOT devices for monitoring and controlling devices around his home as well as the parts and processes to build some of your own.

The particular project discussed in this episode is a temperature control module that helps keep an incubator room using a small ceramic space heater within 1 degree Celsius.

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13: Hack Sioux Falls Project Wraps Up

This week Will discusses wrapping up the Hack Sioux Falls Project, lessons learned, project outcomes, and plans for future events.

Also, this last week was the first event partnering with the Sioux Falls School District. Cyber Patriot Camp where 6 instructors/volunteers helped 21 kids learn about passwords, security policies, running a VM, securing a VM.

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11: GenCyber Girls in CybHER Security Camp

Just Will this week providing an update on wrapping up the Hack Sioux Falls Event that kicked off a few months ago.

He also shares a couple other great regional events that took place.

One being the GenCyber camp at DSU in Madison SD:

  • the largest GenCyber camp in the country

  • sponsored by NSA & AT&T

  • Various guest speakers, mostly women in cyber careers including Secretary of the U.S. Air Force Heather Wilson 

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10: SFC Coding Club

A local Sioux Falls School requests some additional STEM activities and Will delivers.

The SFC Coding Club was born.

Will & Ross also discuss content and course distribution platforms, their nuances, and the effort that goes into building course for using as learning tools as well as generating extra income.

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9: Teaching Junior Achievement

Will brings you another solo episode while Ross is still out on 'assignment'.

He spent the last week co-teaching a Junior Achievement course called "JA Be Entrepreneurial".

The course was made up of six different assignments that helped the students prepare business planes, research product/market fit, discover competitive advantage and more.

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7: How NOT to apply for an internship

While Ross is out, Will digs up an old email that got him thinking about a great topic for an episode.

In this episode, Will goes over the experience he had with regards to the email conversation and disbelief (for lack of a better term) of the whole situation.

He also goes over some excellent pointers on how to set yourself apart and the proper way to apply and subsequently land an internship.

No spoilers here. You'll have to listen to the episode to learn about the content of the email.

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3: Expectations for 'Hack Sioux Falls'

In this episode, Will discusses his expectations and hopes for an upcoming summer event he is hosting.

Hack Sioux Falls is an event for teaching kids about electronics, embedded technology, and engineering.

The event is 90 days long, open to kids ages 9 through 18 and parents are welcome. Each kid is provided with all of the electronics necessary to complete the challenge.

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