9: Teaching Junior Achievement

Will brings you another solo episode while Ross is still out on 'assignment'.

He spent the last week co-teaching a Junior Achievement course called "JA Be Entrepreneurial".

The course was made up of six different assignments that helped the students prepare business planes, research product/market fit, discover competitive advantage and more.

Takeaway Lessons:

  • Amazing class with an amazing teacher

  • Kids were super engaged in entrepreneurship

  • All kids secured an internship for the summer

  • Oh, and literally the last full day of school these kids had

  • Left the kids with “Do These Things”

  • Attend 1MC on Wednesday

  • Attend local networking events

  • Volunteer your time

  • Join a Toastmaster Club

  • Participate in a Startup Weekend / Hackathon / etc.

  • Get out of Sioux Falls (or your hometown)

  • Learn to write code! Especially webpages & apps

  • Go, hang-out at co-working space

  • Read my book Wired For Coding

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