8: Where and how to buy electronic supplies

Will discusses where to purchase all the electronic supplies he mentions on the show as well as address some questions about cost and things to look out for.

He also recaps how the local hosted event for Arduino Day 2018 went.

When purchasing electronic supplies:

  • 99% of what is needed can be purchased from Amazon & eBay

  • Great success with eBay

    • Exceptions with solder, LED strips, wires misrepresented, expect some dead components

    • Arduinos, ESP8266, sensors, resistors, ICs,

  • What NOT to buy from eBay:

    • older; anything where performance is critical, high-end audio-amps, flash drives

    • High voltage, test equipment, batteries & battery banks,

    • Stuff “too” cheap probably is missing protection

  • Keep in mind, virtually everything is made in China

Take-away Lessons:

  • Start simple, because you may decide not get into it

  • A simple sensor kit is a good way to start:

    • Arduino

    • breadboard

    • wires

    • PIR

    • ultrasonic

    • LEDs

  • Youtube is a great resource for how-to and demonstartion




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