12: Our Summer Gaming Bootcamp Re-capd

Ross is out yet again but Will has more details about exciting the Gaming Bootcamp events happening around Sioux Falls and the state.

Native American Gaming Bootcamp:

  • 3-day camps and free

  • Funded by AT&T, huge thanks to them

  • Have six planned around the state; Sioux Falls, Chamberlain, Mission, still planning a few

  • Bobby, our instructor, brings a lot of Native culture into the program

Gaming Bootcamps in Sioux Falls:

  • Over 35 kids joined us this summer and 4 mentors or helpers

  • Built 7 games in 5-days. Most games allow the kids to explore and create

  • Custom Doodle Jump this year, huge success

  • Always have a handful of kids who build their own custom games

  • Host onsite at Raven and DocuTAP; great being on location, the kids love it

Take-away Lessons:

  • We want kids to learn and understand the basics of coding.

  • It’s not just a “play games” camp even though I could easily host “play games” camps all-day long!

  • amazed as how well the kids understand writing code and the creativity. We really need to do a better job allowing kids to learn and explore.



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